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My first thought on blogging were uh no! lol I quickly learned that blogging is actually awesome! To engage with other writers & thinkers is pretty clutch. At first I did not think it would be a good idea for me. Now I turned my pain into passion & I am very dedicated to being the light I once needed. I manage and rising out of depression + anxiety. My plan is to show teens how to get through at their age right now & uplift women by showing them it’s okay to have moments just don’t get stuck there. No matter what status you are in you are most certainly capable of being the light as well. . .

11 thoughts on “Why Blog ??

  1. Hello Bri I enjoyed reading this page of yours. It shows to the blogging community and all the readers how anyone can become a blogger. We can over come pain, troubles and anxieties by writing. Thanks for a page I will keep reading Bri !!

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    1. Thank you James I am so glad you grasped my concept and like it. I am not sure if many are grasping it but still I do it from my heart. People with troubles are still just as able and I believe many not only ourselves should realize that. Writing is a sweet escape for me. I believe writing can be a sweet escape for anyone just letting your pen flow while your brain is going a million miles per hours. At that very moment you can write what’s going on or make it into a story and that is pure bliss! ✨

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      1. Yes Bri you have struck things right on the head again with this answer to me. I also believe that writing is a sweet escape into the depth of our souls and minds. Keep going further into the world of creation inside of you Bri.

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